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Protect Your Basement from Water Damage with These Landscaping Tips

6/13/2024 (Permalink)

Basements are often the first areas in a home to suffer from water damage during heavy rains or flooding. While interior waterproofing solutions can help, preventing water from entering your basement in the first place is the most effective strategy. One often overlooked method is proper landscaping around your home. Here are some landscaping tips to keep your basement dry and your home safe from water damage:

1. Proper Grading

Ensuring that the ground around your home slopes away from the foundation is crucial. This helps direct rainwater away from the basement walls, preventing it from seeping in. If your yard slopes towards your home, consider regrading it to create a gentle slope away from the foundation.

2. Strategic Planting

Strategically planting trees and shrubs around your home can help absorb any excess water from the soil and prevent it from pooling near the foundation. Choose native plants whenever possible, as they are well-adapted to the local climate and soil conditions. Native plants typically have deeper root systems, making them more effective at stabilizing the soil and absorbing water efficiently. Additionally, avoid planting trees too close to your home, as their roots can potentially damage your foundation.

3. Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are shallow depressions designed to collect and absorb rainwater runoff from roofs, driveways, and other impermeable surfaces. By directing rainwater into a rain garden, you can prevent it from pooling around your home's foundation and causing basement flooding. Planting native vegetation in the rain garden can further enhance its ability to absorb water.

4. Install French Drains

French drains are underground drainage systems designed to redirect water away from your home's foundation. They consist of perforated pipes surrounded by gravel or rock, which allow water to flow into the drain and be carried away from the property. Installing French drains along the perimeter of your home can effectively manage excess water and prevent basement flooding.

5. Maintain Gutters and Downspouts

Properly functioning gutters and downspouts are essential for directing rainwater away from your home. Regularly clean and inspect your gutters to remove debris and ensure they are free-flowing. Additionally, consider installing gutter extensions or downspout diverters to direct water further away from your home's foundation.

By implementing these landscaping methods, you can significantly reduce the risk of basement water problems and protect your home from water damage. Remember to regularly inspect and maintain your landscaping features to ensure they continue to effectively manage water runoff and keep your basement dry. If you do experience water damage, don't hesitate to contact SERVPRO of Southwest Fort Worth for professional assistance in restoring your home.

5 Tips to Protect Your Home or Business Against Wind and Hail Damage

5/15/2024 (Permalink)

Sun shining over 2 SERVPRO vans. Remember, SERVPRO of Southwest Fort Worth is here to assist with any storm damage restoration and cleanup needs.

Wind and hail storms can wreak havoc on your home, causing costly damage to your property and belongings. To protect your home against these natural elements, it's essential to take proactive measures to minimize the risk of damage. Here are five tips to help protect your home from wind and hail damage:

1. Secure Loose Items 

Before a storm hits, take the time to secure or bring indoors any outdoor furniture, decorations, or other loose items that could become projectiles in high winds. Store items like patio furniture, grills, and garden tools in a garage or shed to prevent them from causing damage to your home or neighboring properties.

2. Reinforce Windows and Doors

Strengthen the protection of your home's windows and doors by installing storm shutters or impact-resistant glass. These measures can help minimize the risk of damage from flying debris and hailstones during severe storms. Additionally, ensure that exterior doors are equipped with sturdy deadbolts and reinforced hinges to withstand strong winds.

3. Maintain Roof Integrity

Inspect your roof regularly for signs of damage or wear and tear, such as missing shingles, cracked tiles, or loose flashing. Repair any issues promptly to prevent water infiltration and structural damage during a storm. Consider reinforcing your roof with hurricane straps or clips to enhance its resistance to high winds.

4. Trim Trees and Shrubs

Overhanging tree limbs and branches can pose a significant threat to your home during a wind or hail storm. Trim back trees and shrubs to prevent branches from falling onto your roof or causing damage to windows and siding. Additionally, remove dead or weak branches that could break off easily in strong winds.

5. Invest in Impact-Resistant Materials

Consider upgrading your home's exterior with impact-resistant materials, such as asphalt shingles rated for high wind and hail resistance, reinforced siding, and durable roofing materials like metal or composite tiles. These materials can provide added protection against wind-driven rain and hail damage, reducing the likelihood of costly repairs.

By implementing these tips to protect your home from wind and hail damage, you can help minimize the risk of property damage and ensure the safety of your family during severe weather events. Remember, SERVPRO of Southwest Fort Worth is here to assist with any storm damage restoration and cleanup needs. Stay proactive and prepared to weather the storm safely.

Understanding the Fire Damage Assessment Process: What to Expect

4/17/2024 (Permalink)

Experiencing a fire in your home or business is a stressful event that can leave behind extensive damage. In the aftermath of a fire, it's crucial to conduct a thorough assessment of the damage to determine the necessary steps for restoration and recovery. In this blog post, we'll walk you through the fire damage assessment process and what to expect during this phase of restoration.

Initial Inspection

The fire damage assessment process typically begins with an initial inspection of the affected property. Our trained technicians will carefully assess the extent of the damage, taking note of visible signs of fire, smoke, and water damage. This initial assessment helps us understand the scope of the damage and develop a restoration plan.

Documentation and Documentation

Documentation is a critical aspect of the fire damage assessment process. Our team will document the damage thoroughly, including taking photographs, videos, and written notes. This documentation serves as a record of the damage for insurance purposes and helps ensure that nothing is overlooked during the restoration process.

Assessment of Structural Damage

Structural damage is common after a fire and can compromise the integrity of the building. During the assessment process, our technicians will inspect the structural components of the property, including walls, floors, ceilings, and support beams, to identify any damage that needs to be addressed.

Evaluation of Contents Damage

In addition to structural damage, fires can also cause damage to personal belongings and contents within the property. Our team will assess the extent of contents damage, including furniture, electronics, clothing, and other items, to determine what can be salvaged and restored.

Identification of Safety Hazards

Safety is crucial during the fire damage assessment process. Our technicians will identify any safety hazards, such as unstable structures, electrical hazards, or contaminated materials, and take steps to mitigate these risks to ensure a safe working environment for restoration efforts.

Development of Restoration Plan

Based on the findings of the assessment, our team will develop a comprehensive restoration plan tailored to the specific needs of your property. This plan outlines the steps and timeline for restoration, including cleaning, repairs, and reconstruction, to return your property to its pre-fire condition.

In conclusion, the fire damage assessment process is a crucial step in the restoration and recovery journey after a fire incident. By conducting a thorough assessment of the damage and developing a comprehensive restoration plan, SERVPRO of Southwest Fort Worth can help you navigate the restoration process with confidence and peace of mind. If you've experienced a fire, don't hesitate to contact us for expert assistance and support.

The Power of Master Service Agreements: Fast Response and Strong Relationships

9/18/2023 (Permalink)

Do you have a super hero on speed dial?

In the fast-paced world of business, rapid response is essential, especially during emergencies. Picture this: a national heatwave causes an abrupt A/C outage, with the potential to turn a hospital into an oven of stress and panic. In times like these, having a Master Service Agreement (MSA) in place can be the lifeline that transforms panic into a strategic, well-managed solution.

A Race Against Time

SERVPRO® Team Nicholson's Scott Askew and his crew proved the power of an MSA recently. Within hours of receiving the call, our team was on-site, ready to help. Seven hours later, cooling equipment was up and running - thanks to our subcontractor, Coastal Mechanical. We even had a team of welders fabricating quick hose connections in the hospital parking lot in order to connect the mobile chillers to the hospital's existing cooling system.

By the evening, the hospital was cooling to a comfortable temperature, all without displacing patients or disrupting critical operations. The team avoided an evacuation and multiple diversions, where a hospital has to transfer patients to another hospital. In the end, all this was possible without having to tell an MSA client, "no," — the word doesn't exist in our vocabulary anyways.

Building a Bridge to Swift Solutions

The MSA is more than just a contract - we become your logistics team, your trusted solutions provider. The last thing a business owner wants is to face a double emergency – the primary situation and its repercussions. Like the scramble to evacuate patients, and to secure specialized equipment, like chillers, at odd hours in order to prevent high temperatures from spoiling medication. An MSA eliminates the chaos, minimizing the complexity and severity of interruptions to business.

The Value of Strong Relationships

In the realm of crisis management, strong relationships are worth their weight in gold. Our connections with clients, subcontractor partnerships, and a network of SERVPRO teams across the nation, our bonds serve as the cornerstone of effective and efficient solutions. When challenges arise, leveraging our network's capabilities means clients have access to additional equipment and resources quickly.

In a world of emergencies, a Master Service Agreement isn't just a contract – it's a promise - to provide rapid response, leverage strong relationships, and transform potential chaos into smoothly managed solutions. It's the assurance that when a crisis arises, our team of professionals is ready to shift the perspective - becoming your total solutions provider for whatever happens.

Protecting What Matters: The Emergency Plan Every Parent Needs Before School Starts

8/8/2023 (Permalink)

girl at bottom of blue slide smiling with thumbs up Protect what matters most. Have a back-to-school emergency plan.

Do You Have a Back-to-School Family Emergency Plan?

No one likes to think that an emergency could happen to them, but the reality is that disaster can happen anytime, anywhere, including while your child is at school.

Even if you never end up needing your family emergency plan, it's best to be prepared—just in case. Having a detailed plan in place will give you everyday peace of mind, and—in the event of an emergency—could save lives.

Emergency Contacts

  1. List 1-3 trusted emergency contacts who can pick up your child from school if you are unable to do so.

  2. Confirm their availability and willingness to be emergency contacts.

  3. Teach your child how to contact each person by phone.

  4. Familiarize your child with each contact's appearance and vehicle.

Communicate with the School

  1. Keep school up-to-date with who is allowed to pick your child up.

  2. Provide correct contact information and identification for their records.

  3. Inquire about the school's policies for emergency situations and designated pick-up areas.

Alternative Drop-Off Locations

  1. Establish an alternative drop-off location in case emergency contacts cannot be reached promptly.

  2. This location could be a trusted friend or family member's house, or another secure spot.

  3. Familiarize your child with the alternate location's address and phone number to accurately guide authorities there.

Re-Evaluate Each Year

As your child ages, changes schools, or your family moves, it's smart to update your plan annually. 

Although we hope your family never experiences an unexpected disaster, if you do, SERVPRO® is available 24/7/365 for emergency service. Learn more here. Your family's safety and preparedness are paramount, and having a well-structured emergency plan is a crucial step in ensuring their protection.

Unseen Water Leaks Can Cause Damage, Too

7/18/2023 (Permalink)


There's always cause for concern whether you come home to a small water leak or a large water leak. Why should someone worry about a small leak?

It is the water you can't see that causes the most damage! Your SERVPRO professionals understand how disruptive unseen water damage is. The water can contain bacteria, within a few days causes mold, and stopping the source can be very difficult if you can not easily see the water. That is where we can help! Do not risk secondary damages trying to clean up the mess yourself. Call SERVPRO of Southwest Fort Worth to ensure the source of the leak is stopped. We can thoroughly dry the structure with our top-of-the-line equipment so that mold will not spread and give you peace of mind.

Here are a few tips to prevent leaks and a headache when they do happen:

  1. Always keep your roof inspected and up-to-date on all repairs.
  2. Document your possessions.
  3. Keep your trees trimmed to prevent them from falling onto your roof.
  4. Keep all gutters and spouts cleared out to make sure they are draining properly.
  5. Guard your foundation and basement.
  6. Keep up with your HVAC equipment and appliances.

3 Step Plan for a Flooded Furnace

7/12/2023 (Permalink)

A small amount of water from a broken pipe can flood a functional basement and result in a water damage nightmare, especially if the water permeates your furnace. SERVPRO of Southwest Fort Worth identified three steps to help keep you stress-free and organized when dealing with a flooded furnace. Following these steps will make the claims process run smoothly and help your business or home get up and running again.

Document the Damage

The furnace can be the most costly loss in a flood, other damaged property also needs to be considered when documenting damage for insurance. Use the following process to record losses and assign values in a notebook or spreadsheet.

  • Photograph the damage.
  • Write down the serial number or another unique identifier if available.
  • Assign a value.

Don’t forget to include items that may have little to no monetary value but are still of high value to your business, like important documents. Search professional recovery services within the area to save irreplaceable items such as documents or photographs.

Investigate Coverage and Decide to Repair or Replace

A burst pipe resulting in a flooded furnace is an insurable event, so be sure to check with your provider that you are covered. If a natural disaster occurred, contact the Federal Emergency Management Agency to inquire if government aid is available. FEMA offers financing options to those who qualify for HVAC and furnace replacement costs.

According to the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute, flooded furnaces should be replaced rather than repaired. For a professional opinion, contact a qualified heating and cooling contractor to inspect the damage. They may advise that the furnace will be operational after a total dry-out and minor electrical repair. However, the life of the unit reduces. You likely don’t want to choose repair over replacement and have a related problem surface a couple of years later, long after the claim closes.

Take Care of the Air Ducts

The air quality from a furnace is often only as good as the ducts it travels through. Call SERVPRO of Southwest Fort Worth, Edgecliff Village at (682) 708-1004 to schedule a professional air duct cleaning to ensure ducts are clean, dry, and free of mold and debris.

Tasks associated with a furnace flood are something nobody wants on their to-do list. Take this systematic approach to efficiently ensure the return of a safe and comfortable environment in your commercial or residential property in Fort Worth, TX, for years to come. To ease your mind even further, SERVPRO of Southwest Fort Worth specializes in cleaning, restoration, and construction. Whether big or small, we can make your disaster feel, "Like it never even happened." On top of that, we are local and ready to respond immediately when you need us. We proudly serve Fort Worth, TX, and surrounding areas.

Career Opportunities at SERVPRO

5/4/2023 (Permalink)

With over 20 franchises in 6 locations throughout TN, FL, and TX, SERVPRO Team Nicholson is an exciting, diverse, innovative place to work. We foster positive company culture, offer competitive compensation packages, and prioritize community involvement. Come find out what it takes to be a part of our team! 

Our mission is to be a proud, laser-focused team holding each other accountable while creating positive opportunities for our people and becoming the most efficiently run organization in the markets we serve. We value honesty, reliability, relationships, trustworthiness, and authenticity! Our team develops and provides solutions; we are go-getters and carry a “bring it” attitude to our work environment. We listen and value each other’s thoughts and ideas and strive to bring them to life. We are built on hard work, transparency, good business, and integrity. We believe “You can’t go wrong doing the right thing.” 

Bill Repsel, our Regional Administrator, shared his testimony on what it's like working for SERVPRO. He said "Every day is a new day. It is an opportunity to serve others in our community in a time of need. We have an incredible team of people with great talent that strives to make a difference every day." 

SERVPRO of Southwest Fort Worth is proud of the work we do and is always looking for like-minded people interested in a rewarding career. Please submit your resume to, stop by our office 8:00 am-5:00 pm Monday-Friday, or click here to check out our current job openings.

What is SERVPRO’s Cleaning Process for a Commercial Large Loss?

5/4/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Cleaning Process After Catastrophic Commercial Emergencies

From 1980 to 2020, on average, the U.S. endured 7 severe climate events per year. Throughout the past year, that number has more than doubled, according to the National Centers for Environmental Information. Although statistics help describe the destruction brought on by natural disasters, no measurement can quantify the loss and trauma to individuals, families, and communities. The struggle of those involved as they work to rebuild a sense of normalcy is often not seen.

SERVPRO of Southwest Fort Worth is proud to assist by offering Commercial Large Loss and Disaster Recovery services after any catastrophic emergency in the United States. With the resources of 17 SERVPRO franchise licenses in 6 locations throughout 3 southern states, we are well-positioned to respond to any disaster.

Our flexible, efficient team can tackle damage at private businesses, hospitals, schools, government facilities, and more. SERVPRO of Southwest Fort Worth professionals are highly trained in fire, storm, and water damage mitigation. When mitigating damage on a large scale, our team uses the following framework:

Control the Environment

Commercial-sized desiccant dehumidifiers remove water from the air and dense materials while increasing the air temperature, further drying the structure, and helping to better control the environment.

Remove Contaminated Material 

To ensure a safe and efficient clean-up, SERVPRO of Southwest Fort Worth crews will remove contaminated material and items that are beyond repair and remove restorable items for off-site cleaning. 

Dry the Structure

Various sized air movers and dehumidifiers are strategically placed throughout the structure to accelerate the drying process. 

Our crews can be ready at a moment’s notice, deploying cutting-edge drying equipment and service vehicles that feature truck-mounted water extractors that operate even without electricity. Response time is critical for communities to get up and running again. When disaster strikes, we are ready to answer the call and make it “Like it never even happened.” 

Why It's Important to Clean Your Air Ducts

5/4/2023 (Permalink)


Ventilation systems are often the biggest culprit in low indoor air quality. Make it a priority to inspect the ductwork of your Texas home or business.

If your HVAC has been operating for some time without attention, it could be circulating the following:

  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Odors
  • Dirt and debris
  • Other contaminants

According to the U.S. Department of Energy25 to 40 percent of the energy used in homes for heating or cooling is wasted. Contaminants in the heating and cooling system cause it to work harder and shorten your system's life. Although filters are used, the heating and cooling system still gets dirty through normal use.

When an HVAC system is clean, it doesn't have to work as hard to maintain the temperature you desire. As a result, less energy is used, leading to improved cost-effectiveness.

In addition to normal accumulations of dust and dirt found in all homes with air ducts, several other factors can increase the need for regular HVAC system cleaning:

  • Pets
  • Occupants with allergies or asthma
  • Cigarette or cigar smoke
  • Water contamination or damage to the home or HVAC system
  • Home renovation or remodeling projects

Some occupants are more sensitive to these contaminants than others. Allergy and asthma sufferers and young children, and the elderly, tend to be more susceptible to the types of low indoor air quality that air duct cleaning can help address.

SERVPRO of Southwest Fort Worth professionals routinely inspects the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit (HVAC). Keeping them clean can extend the life of the equipment. This can save you money and give you cleaner air to breathe. For additional information on HVAC and air duct cleaning, call us today, (817) 557-6895.