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Natural Disaster Clean-Up

This is the aftermath of natural disaster Hurricane Harvey.

The SERVPRO of Southwest Fort Worth Disaster Recovery Team can provide help whether you're dealing with a tornado, hurricane, blizzard or flood. The SERVPRO System has a network of strategically positioned storm teams on standby should a disaster strike near you. Available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, SERVPRO Franchise Professionals are prepared for the unpredictable.

Ozone Room

Ozone treatment is a powerful way to eliminate odors without the use of chemicals or masking deodorizers. The ozone room can be used after a fire to get soot smells off of contents. You set the contents in the room, set the timer, and let it work its magic! The ozone room works by utilizing an electrical current and breaks down odors. The ozone room is a very important tool that SERVPRO utilizes when cleaning contents and deodorizing because it kills the odors at the source without using harsh chemicals. Here is the science behind the ozone room: Normal oxygen is mixed with an electrical current such as lightning transforming normal oxygen into activated oxygen. The activated oxygen is what cleans the air, contents, etc. This is why it always smells so fresh outside after a thunder storm! The activated oxygen from the electrical currents is cleaning the air naturally! Electricity is nature's way of cleaning the air. 

Remodel After Water Damage

After an overhead water damage, the homeowner needed a new fireplace, hearth, and flooring. SERVPRO of Southwest Fort Worth not only dried the area, but created a beautiful space with our TURN-KEY restore and rebuild services. 

Summer Heat Safety

Here are some tips to keep your home nice and cool during the summer! Following these steps can help prevent heat stroke and accidents related to the summer heat. Keeping your electric bill down during summer can be difficult but following these steps could help lower those bills! 

Happy Customers

Our team with a very happy customer! Our team got a call for a water loss back in January of this year. SERVPRO arrived and began to perform services right away to extract water and dry the home. We were with our customer through the entire process and even helped put the home back, " Like it never even happened."

Storm Damage

This is from right after the Wylie hail storm hit Texas. This picture shows how much damage storms and water losses can do. SERVPRO is certified in water and storm damages, trust your leaders in the restoration industry to help restore your damaged home today!

Keep Calm & Call SERVPRO

Keep calm and call SERVPRO of Southwest Fort Worth for all of your clean-up and restoration needs. Our technicians are certified in water, fire, and mold remediation. Call us today!

Need Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

Need your air ducts cleaned? SERVPRO can do that! We are a turn-key company capable of all things restoration, clean-up, and rebuild. We have over 1500 franchise ready for any size job, call us today!

SERVPRO Fans Drying

This is a picture of our SERVPRO certified drying fans in action, we use vortex drying to ensure prompt and accurate drying time. We have the technology for any size job and we are trusted leaders in the restoration industry. 

Valentine's Day at SERVPRO

Our office staff was treated by our owner on Valentine's Day with these beautiful bouquets of flowers, the production guys got a lot of chocolate to fill their stomachs. It was a sweet treat kind of day!

Our Christmas Luncheon

Our team was able to get together and enjoy a delicious Christmas lunch at Coker's BBQ right here in Arlington, TX. We exchanged gifts and filled our stomachs with good food! 

Flooding in Fort Worth Home

This is the aftermath of a water loss in a Fort Worth home. SERVPRO of Southwest Fort Worth arrived on the scene and preformed emergency services to extract and dry all of the water out of the house, "Like it never even happened."

Water Loss

Water losses can occur very quickly and unexpectedly, it is important to know what to do when an emergency arises. When fire and water damage take control of your life, we help you take it back!


Concrobium is used for microbial growth to remediate and prevent mold without any harmful chemicals. It can be used by professionals for mold clean-up and prevention. Call your SERVPRO professionals today!

Extraction Hose

This is a picture of one of our extraction hoses being used for a commercial water loss. SERVPRO of Southwest Fort Worth has the necessary tools to make cleaning up after an emergency quick and easy!

Water Loss in Commercial Building

SERVPRO of Southwest Fort Worth can handle any size disaster, with over 1700 franchise locations we have the fastest response time in the industry. Trust your leaders in the restoration industry to always stay fast, efficient, and professional!

Chemical Sponges

SERVPRO of Southwest Fort Worth uses dry chemical sponges to remove soot from walls and ceilings after a fire has occurred. We use this because it will prevent smearing that easily occurs with damp cleaning. 

Got Microbial Growth?

SERVPRO of Southwest Fort Worth technicians are certified in mold remediation. If you have microbial growth in your home, call us today! Mold can put your family at risk. Service Professionals have the tools to properly prevent and protect your home.

Commercial Air Scrubber

Our SERVPRO HEPA air scrubber is used when any airborne contaminates are present, it is most frequently used for mold remediation and water losses. This machine is great for removing airborne biological contaminates and is perfect for people with asthma, allergies, or compromised immune systems. 

Commercial Drying Trailer

Our SERVPRO commercial drying trailers are used for big commercial water losses where the job requires more desiccants, equipment, and power to provide environmental control and restorative drying. We are able to handle major losses with our equipment. 

Air Movers

Air movers are used at every water loss, SERVPRO is taught to vortex dry ensuring maximum airflow and accelerating evaporation of moisture. It is very common to see multiple air movers at a water loss to ensure complete drying.


The SERVPRO dehumidifiers are used to reduce moisture levels in the air after a water loss. This accelerates the drying process and helps to prevent formation of microbial growth. SERVPRO of Southwest Fort Worth uses the dehumidifiers regularly for the best results in all of our water losses. 

Portable Extractor

These portable extractors can be used to extract large amounts of excess water. Water damage can be caused by a pipe bursting, storm damage leaking into a home, and much more. The portable extractors are very handy in any emergency clean-up situation. 

Ozone for Deodorization

This is one of our SERVPRO ozone machines. The ozone machine can be used once the source of the odor is removed to oxidize the remaining organic odors. SERVPRO of Southwest Fort Worth will use this machine frequently after fire damage has occurred.  


Sporicidin is a commonly used cleaning product at SERVPRO of Southwest Fort Worth. Our team will use Sporicidin for mold remediation, blood-borne pathogen, asbestos abatement, and many more jobs. Sporicidin will clean, disinfect, deodorize, and prevent!

Fire Soot Stuck on Walls of Home

Fire damage leaves behind soot and residue that can be difficult to get rid of. SERVPRO of Southwest Fort Worth has the tools and cleaning materials to get rid of these residues completely and correctly. 

Storm Damage in Our Offices

This is a picture after a storm hit our SERVPRO of Southwest Fort Worth office causing major damage. Storms can affect anyone and they can hit hard if you are not prepared. Luckily, we are a highly trained restoration company capable of cleaning up big storm messes! 

Moisture Meter

This is our SERVPRO moisture meter. It reads the moisture and humidity levels in the walls, wood, carpet, and ceilings. SERVPRO of Southwest Fort Worth uses the moisture meter on all of our water loss jobs that come in. 

Fire Damage Outside Home

This is the aftermath of a fire in a home, when SERVPRO of Southwest Fort Worth arrived on the scene there was significant smoke and soot damage. The owner was impressed with our professionalism and quick response time!

SERVPRO Bug in St. Patrick's Day Parade

SERVPRO of Southwest Fort Worth joined in on the St. Patrick's Day parade fun! It was a great way to get out in the community and show people what SERVPRO is all about. Our team did a great job driving the cars too!

24 Foot Truck

This is our 24 foot moving truck.  When a customer needs to have their belongings put into storage temporarily while we are completing their job we use it to pack everything up and relocate it to our warehouse.

15 Foot Truck

This is our 15 ft box truck and it is equipped with one of our truck mounts we use to clean up water on our water jobs. This truck goes out with us to most of our jobs!

Town and Country

The Town and Country Van is the vehicle primarily used by our Sales Manager.  It provides a comfortable ride and plenty of room for the marketing materials that are required for such events as our annual golf tournament.

17 Foot Truck

This is our 17 Ft Box Truck which is used mainly in water damage jobs.  We keep it loaded with the equipment and supplies we need so we are ready when our customers call.

Sales Truck

This is one of our pickups which we call our Sales Truck.  It is named the sales truck because it was awarded to our owner for our outstanding work after Hurricane Ike in 2008.

Volkswagen Bug

This car is used by our Sales and Marketing team when they do their daily routes calling on new, old and perspective customers. They love putting the top down in the summer.

Production Truck

This is the truck used by our Production Managers.  They use it during their daily routine of checking on the current jobs that we are working on to ensure they go smoothly.

HVAC Trailer

This is our HVAC trailer. It holds our Commercial Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning System which we use to clean the air ducts for our customers when it is needed.


The F350 is our heavy duty truck. It ensures we have the power we need for all our jobs. It easily pulls our dump trailer and our 42 ft trailer when required.