Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

Mold Remediation

These pictures were taken of the dining room of a million dollar home that was affected by mold. Our crew began a huge pack out of all contents to an unaffected... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Midland

These pictures are from the Midland trip our crew took to do category 3 water damage clean-up and mold remediation. The family came home to a flooded house afte... READ MORE

China Closet Clean-Up

These pictures were taken during the water and mold damage on our trip to Midland, TX. This china closet had been affected by the water loss. Our crew began cle... READ MORE

Mold in Play Room

These before and after photos were taken from our trip to Midland, TX. Our team was called out to do mold remediation for this beautiful home. The play room wor... READ MORE

Mold in Midland, TX

These pictures were taken from a recent job we did in Midland, TX. The beautiful house had a water damage that turned into mold from not taking the right precau... READ MORE

Microbial Growth in TX Home

This is a picture of the bathroom in a home where microbial growth had spread throughout. Microbial growth can be hard to see and sometimes it can be hidden beh... READ MORE